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Elementor was first released in 2016, and it has since grown to become one of the most popular and powerful WordPress page builder plugins.

It's now a WordPress website builder rather than just a page builder plugin, thanks to recent improvements. This means that you can use Elementor Pro's simple drag-and-drop interface to not only build unique designs for your content (posts and pages), but also customize the aesthetic of your whole WordPress website (header, footer, and more).

In addition to the text editor, Elementor Pro includes a wide collection of high-quality customizable templates from which you may create your website. It also offers a slew of other functions that go well beyond what a WordPress page builder plugin could do previously.

So, if the idea of building a custom WordPress website from scratch or altering an existing one without having to edit any code appeals to you, Elementor Pro may be the solution for you.

In this Elementor Pro review, I'll show you what this plugin can accomplish, why it could be a good fit for you, and how to use it. I'll also discuss the drawbacks of Elementor Pro and why this plugin might not be appropriate for your project.

Elementor Pro vs. Elementor Free

Although this evaluation focuses on the paid Elementor Pro free download WordPress plugin, a free version known as Elementor is also available.

The free plugin, on the other hand, misses many of Elementor Pro's capabilities, including as its extensive library of premium page templates and blocks, many of its widgets, the popup and theme builders, and more. You also don't have the opportunity to combine your sites with third-party services or use online forms. Check out the full details of the differences between the free and commercial plugins for additional information.

The free version of the plugin may be used to gain a better understanding of the Elementor user experience. You may, however, use the money-back guarantee to sample Elementor Pro risk-free for 30 days. The latter will undoubtedly provide you with a more realistic understanding of what this powerful instrument is capable of and whether or not it is appropriate for you.

As a result, keep in mind as you read this review that many of the features discussed here are not available in the free version of Elementor.

How to Get Free Unlimited Updates of Elementor Pro

Normally, you need to purchase a license key of Elementor Pro to get updates and support. Since it's not affordable for most of people, we provide a licensing system for you to get updates of Elementor Pro using the following license key:

Just download the Elementor Pro and activate the plugin using the above license, and you'll get unlimited updates right from your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Overview of Elementor Pro Free Download

Elementor Pro, as previously said, is a WordPress website builder. After you've installed the plugin and enabled it on your WordPress site, you can begin utilizing the Elementor user interface to build unique designs for your posts and pages.

Elementor Pro also allows you to edit the header, footer, post archives, and other elements of your site that are not directly related to the post or page content. This implies that Elementor Pro is a full-fledged WordPress website builder, not simply a content editor or page builder. Elementor Pro includes the capabilities you need if you want complete creative control over your website and the ability to construct a bespoke WordPress website.

Elementor Pro also integrates with the famous WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to modify your online store. In reality, Elementor Pro is compatible with the vast majority of WordPress third-party plugins and themes. Because of this, Elementor Pro free download should be able to assist you personalize any sort of WordPress website you have or want to construct.

Before we get into the specifics of Elementor Pro, here's a brief rundown of its top features and primary benefits:

  1. WYSIWYG editor with drag-and-drop functionality (what you see is what you get) interface
  2. Individual templates and website kits are available in a large collection.
  3. There are several widgets for boosting your content, and they should work with any WordPress theme.
  4. Theme Builder allows you to customize your site's header, footer, and other places.
  5. Custom single post and post archive templates are now possible.
  6. Popup Builder and other marketing tools to aid in the generation of additional leads
  7. A visual form builder that allows you to add unique online forms to your website.
  8. Integrates with a wide range of third-party services.
  9. A large ecosystem of free and paid third-party solutions for adding new functionality is available.

The User Experience

Before delving into the Elementor Pro free download user interface (UI) and experience, it's important reviewing the various components of the fundamental WordPress user interface.

WordPress comes with two major UIs that site owners may utilize to design their websites by default:

WordPress Customizer Is a tool for customizing the design of a website, such as altering the fonts and colors.
The WordPress Editor is used to create new posts and pages (its latest version is also referred to as the Gutenberg or block editor).
When you activate Elementor Pro, a third user interface is introduced to WordPress, providing you even more options for customizing the layout of your site and creating posts and pages.

In the last several years, the default WordPress post and page editor has gone a long way. Creating unique post and page designs with fascinating layouts utilizing a variety of various blocks, such as picture galleries, videos, and buttons, is a lot easier than it used to be thanks to some recent upgrades.

Despite these advancements, high-quality content editor plugins such as Elementor continue to have a place in the world. They provide you with far more flexibility than the basic WordPress experience, and they do it without the need for any technical expertise.

Other Features of Elementor Pro Free Download

The page builder UI, templates, and widgets are the core elements of Elementor Pro free download. However, there are several more reasons to consider this instrument, such as:

  1. Popup Builder: use this tool to create custom popups to generate more leads from your website, such as collecting email addresses or selling things.
  2. Form Builder: Use the drag-and-drop editor to construct basic and complicated custom forms.
  3. WooCommerce Builder: use this tool to customize your eCommerce store and have access to WooCommerce widgets.
  4. Control which logged-in users on your site may use Elementor Pro and which of its features by using the Role Manager.
  5. Integrate your website with a variety of tools and services, such as email marketing services, social networks, and many more.
  6. Global Widgets: design bespoke dynamic widgets for usage across your website.
  7. Hello Theme: a free theme that has been optimized for usage with Elementor.

To learn more, go to the Elementor website's features page.